• 85% of internet traffic will be searching for and viewing videos within the next 5-10 years.

  • Over 100,000,000 internet users watch online videos every single day.

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world – second only to Google.
  • Over 90% of online shoppers say video helped them to make their buying decision.

  • Online video is viewed more than any other medium.

  •  Prospects who viewed video were 174% more likely to buy the product or service.
Videos Is An Incredible Way To Get Your Message Out To Increase Sales And Branding Awareness For Your Business
Video Drives 64% Of ALL Online Consumer Traffic And Will Reach 80% By 2019 ... 
Do you know in recent survey, it was discovered that 9 out 10 people found, viewing a video is helpful when looking to purchase a product and service.

That is 9 out 10, ninety percent, if your businesses is not engaging in video marketing you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Now, we at Spokesperson Videos, are a professional video marketing agency, specializes in helping small businesses just like yours.

We would love to produce a stunning video commercial for your business complete with an actual spokesperson model.

Our video commercials are compelling and at the same time affordable.

Our special technology even allow us to add a background of your actual business
right into the actual video without actually come to your business.

This allow us to keep our cost down low for you.

We would like to share how a professional spokesperson commercial video could help your businesses. 
Video Marketing is an Amazing Way to Enhance your Business…
As you may know, online videos are gaining in popularity at astonishing rates in recent years; people today are simply drawn to them.

This is great news for companies that are capitalizing on the opportunity to use videos to generate more leads and sales.

However, businesses that have not yet added videos to their marketing funnel face huge obstacles in terms of online marketing.

Customers trust websites that have videos and are far more likely to become your customer. Our video marketing services will get you started quickly in harnessing
the power of online video.

We will create a customized professional commercial video that will advertise and promote your business.
A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”.

Everyone knows that video is the best way to sell online, but hardly anyone’s confident they can make one... and even the ones that are confident don’t have the time.

So when we can provide a completely ready-­made video commercial you can just plug into your new website or video platforms and have it pull in the customers
Just take a look at the DEMO videos below
If you are in of the businesses or industries listed below, we can help you in producing spokesperson videos commercial to enhance your brand authority and increase business leads.
Auto Repair
Real Estate
Child Custody Attorney
Personal Injury Attorney
Credit Repair
Auto Dealership
Carpet Cleaner
Computer Repair
Cosmetic Surgery
Day Care Centre
Divorce Attorney
DUI Attorney
Fitness Trainer
Hair Salon
Home Remodeler
Laser Eye Surgery
Personal Injury Attorney
Pest Control
Here’s How
But Most Video Styles Are Missing One Critical Element : Us, Humans!!!

Having An Actual Spokesperson Talking Directly To Your Audience Is Incredibly Effective And Captivating

WHY Should 
You Engage
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US$77.00 ONLY

include one 45- 60 seconds customized 

commercial video with background 

image, audio, lower third

(Normal Price $297.00)

(75% Discount Special Launch Price)

Remember, You Only Pay Once For Your Own
Customized Commercial Video!
Absolutely RISK FREE 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee 

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Some common questions our customers ask
Is there any refund guarantee?

Always 100% Money Back Guarantee Is Included.
Take A Full 30 Day Risk FREE Look! Simply open a support ticket at support@spokespersonvideos.co and your purchase price will be promptly refunded.

When does this offer expire?

It expires when the countdown timer hits zero, but you better grab your copy now so that you won’t miss out. Early bird catches the work.

What’s Included In This Package?

You will be receiving 45-60 second spokesperson commercial video, along with a background image, music and lower third highlight your company information.

I am a technical person, is that a issue?

Trust me, I hate the technical stuff. I recorded everything step by step and I only use non-technical solutions in my own business so I got you covered. If you can type on a keyboard and use your mouse, you’re ready to go!

Is there an on-going monthly maintenance fees?

No, you just pay one-time investment for your own customized spokesperson video  you see in our website  (No monthly fee)

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